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Astrological Birth Chart, personalised

Astrological Birth Chart, personalised

The Lion Queen’s beautiful astrological birth chart, also known as natal chart, is a unique gift and decorative element for yourself, a friend, or a newborn, for example.

Chart is fully personalised on recipient’s birth information. It's accurate description / a map of the arrangement of the major planets in our solar system at our time of birth.

1. In the text field, type

  • First names
  • Birthday
  • Time
  • Place of birth / coordinates

2. Choose the symbol style to the middle – see the options in the photo. The Sun sign comes automatically according to the date of birth.

3. Choose the colour and size.

4. Choose letter style: The date and place of birth can be written in regular letters / numbers OR Roman numerals and coordinates. Please note that the coordinates come with the accuracy of the location by default (found in Google/Wikipedia). You can always also enter the exact coordinates. First names always come in regular letters.

The board can be attached to the wall with double-sided tape or placed on a table or shelf (a footrest is included).

The price is affected by size and colour. The charts are designed from the beginning with the information of the recipient and are handmade in Jyväskylä, Finland. The surface of the mirror material always shows small traces of handicraft.

The delivery time is 1–2 weeks.